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Skandha Media Services is the premium Global Video Service provider for DigitalTV and PayTV Operators enabling our customer to implement the cloud strategy for digital business.


Skandha Media Services through its managed video services facility in APAC and MEA region offers some of the most innovative solution for the customers across the sectors including Broadcasting, Telecom and Enterprises. The key offering includes Video IAAS, PAAS, Advisory and System Integration services.


At Skandha, we enable service providers (Broadcasters, OTT, Cable, Telecom & other content owners) to migrate  and capitalize their Video business  by moving to cloud and opex/offshore model whereby enabling Skandha to manage and deliver the video service on-behalf of customer by managing the Technology and Service SLA that is offered to end-subscribers.


The main focus of Skandha is to offer advaced managed services offering Quality of User Experience, Revenue generation & Growth for all the stakeholders including partners and customers.


We distinguish ourself in serveral area:


  • Flexible & Open culture: Dealing with Skandha means a fast and flexible service.

  • Undestanding of Video business: Entire team at Skandha understands the Time value and Criticality of the Video Infrastructure, especially for the Broadcast customers where even a "seconds" of black-frame is unacceptable.

  • Partnership Model: We understand every customer and region is diffrent & hence a custom package being designed for every customer through onboarding process.

  • We do only Video Services: 100% of the team are the video professionals from the industry with experience in designing, implementing and managing the Video Network for Broadcasters, MSO's and OTT providers.

  • Video BU Cost & ROI Optimization: The CxO & Consulting resource work closely with Customer Business owners in optimizing and managing the profitability and ROI's, at same time improve the end-subcriber services and SLA.

  • 24/7 Customer Services:  The Global VNOC is equipped to offer the customer service 24/7 with dedicated SPOC OR Delivery Management team.